Kevin and Warren have extensive experience in the development and application of financial reporting requirements and in the provision of education and training relating to financial reporting matters. They use this knowledge and experience to analyse complex accounting issues consistent with the underlying economics of the particular transactions or events and in a manner that is readily understandable to their clients. They are both experienced communicators and seek to understand their clients’ needs and circumstances through a collaborative approach. A specialty is one-on-one tailored training for busy CFOs and other executives with responsibility for financial reporting or a need to understand it.

Accounting Advisory Services

Kevin and Warren have many years of experience dealing with challenging financial reporting issues. They can help identify issues relevant to your circumstances, explain the accounting alternatives and advise you on the most appropriate course of action. Their advice will be objective, well reasoned and readily understandable.

Litigation Support Services

Kevin and Warren understand the need for expert witnesses not only to be authoritative but also to be able to communicate in writing and verbally with logic and clarity. They are able to deal with both straight forward and technically complex issues in a convincing and readily understandable manner.

Dispute resolution services

Kevin’s and Warren’s years of experience in practice and in accounting standard setting have involved them working closely with boards, audit committees, senior executives, auditors, regulators and others to resolve and manage complex technical challenges. They will be able to assist you in preparing for a mediated resolution of a complex accounting transaction or event or by acting as an arbitrator.


Kevin and Warren can provide both generalised and topic specific education and training on both an individual and a ‘train the trainer’ level. Their extensive knowledge and experience in accounting standard setting and practice enables them to provide unique insights about the standard setting process, the development of particular standards and their application in practice.

Capacity building advisory services

Kevin’s and Warren’s exposure to the operation of capital markets and of the structure and processes of standard setting makes them eminently qualified to provide advice to standard setting bodies, regulatory bodies, professional accountancy bodies and relevant governmental agencies about the structure and efficient operation of the working parts of a modern capital market.

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